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L. Naber, M. Köhle:
"University Teaching in the "Post Xerox" Age";
in: "1st International Conference on Webbased Learning", Springer, 2002, (invited).

English abstract:
Universities trapped between rising student numbers and decreasing budgets are turning to e-learning as the one-stop solution, giving little concern for student or teacher needs.
We designed e-ULE, a university level teaching and learning environment with a strong focus on usability. In contrast to many ITS/ILE, this system does not aim at replacing the lecturer [Shac90],
or the university as a whole, but shall lift some of the burden of information transfer from the lecturer and thus allow the students to spend more "quality time" with their teachers.
e-ULE provides the lecturer with an easy to use tool and a strong process, enabling him to create suitably linked, interactive hypertext lecture notes, which support the student in the different phases of learning.
In compliance with the meagre university budgets the system is open sourced and relies on several prominent open source projects.
Keywords: usability, e-learning, lectures, lecture notes, hypertext, authoring tools, process, study materials, eule

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