Contributions to Books:

L. Naber, M. Köhle:
"If e-learning is the Answer, what is the problem";
in: "8th Australian World Wide Web Conference", ACM Press, 2002, (invited).

English abstract:
Universities trapped between rising student numbers an decreasing
budget are turning to e-learning as the one-stop solution, giving little concern for student or teacher needs.
In a first step to a user-centred e-learning environment we studied
students motivation for not attending lectures.
We found that most reasons for not attending pertained to lecturer
(lack of rhetoric, pedagogic, organisational skills), but the main reason was whether enough other study material was available.
In spite of the rather harsh criticism of their lecturers, the students are not bend upon replacing their lecturers by an ITS, but rather wish for a highly interactive "question and answer" type of "non-lecture".
Keywords: usability, e-learning, lectures, student motivation, hy-
pertext, authoring tools, process, study materials

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