Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

E. Kirda, H. Gall, P. Fenkam, G. Reif:
"MOTION: a peer-to-peer platform for mobile teamwork support ";
Talk: Computer Software and Applications Conference, Oxford, England; 2002-08-26 - 2002-08-29; in: "Cooperative Supports for Distributed Software Engineering Processes Workshop", IEEE Computer Society, (2002), 1115 - 1117.

English abstract:
Large, global enterprises are increasingly faced with the problem of
supporting employees that are on the move. Employees need to share
business documents, locate expertise and knowledge through distributed
searches, access effective subscription/notification mechanisms, and
they need any time, anywhere access to the company's information
resources. We address these problems and requirements in the MObile
Teamwork Infrastructure for Organizations Networking
(MOTION) project and aim
to create an advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
infrastructure for mobile teamwork. This short paper gives a brief
description of the MOTION peer-to-peer platform for mobile teamwork

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