Scientific Reports:

M. Auer:
"Translating Measurement Patterns to Software Metrics (TR-0208)";
Report for Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems; 2002.

English abstract:
Software patterns are gaining acceptance at different stages of the software process--they describe recurring aspects of implementations, designs, architectures, as well as organizational structures and processes. Especially analysis patterns have proved to be useful in domain understanding and description.
This paper describes how an existing and established analysis pattern language is reused to derive analysis patterns which are valid for the domain of software measurement. Existing patterns are translated from a source domain to the target domain of software metrics and modified whenever required.
The goals are to efficiently assess main aspects of the software measurement domain by reusing experiences from domains with similar concepts of measurement, and to provide an initial pattern set which can evolve into a pattern language if enhanced with domain-specific software measurement patterns. The resulting language eventually aims at supporting the design of generic metric tools and data formats.

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