Scientific Reports:

M. Auer:
"XML-Based Metric Data Handling (TR 02-04)";
Report for Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems; 2002.

English abstract:
The success of software measurement programs depends to a large degree on tool support and automation. Currently, metric tools are highly specialized and a consistent handling of metric data often requires manual file handling and tedious data conversion.
New technologies based on XML - which is already widely accepted as document structure language - can simplify and enhance metric data handling considerably. XML Schemas greatly help to define XML structures and to validate XML documents automatically, and the
Simple Object Access Protocol SOAP provides a lightweight way of providing object access in heterogeneous environments using XML-encoded messages. In this report, these technologies are applied to encode and exchange software measurement data. Detailed examples and
data structures are given to illustrate the application of these concepts in different programming environments.
The described technology infrastructure provides a transparent and low-overhead approach to metric data handling and can be implemented efficiently in most software environments.

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