R Klösch, P. Glaser, R Truschnegg:
"A testing approach for large system portfolios in industrial environments";
Journal of Systems and Software, 62 (2002), 1; S. 11 - 20.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The Year 2000 and the Euro conversion have shown to be a major challenge to IT departments of many organizations.In addition to the project management and software maintenance issues the right regression testing approach has turned out to be a critical factor to the success of these organizations. In this paper,we describe an approach to regression testing that we have developed and meanwhile successfully implemented in various system migration projects.We point out the major challenges and success factors in the testing of an entire system portfolio, which has been adapted to meet the requirements of the European monetary union (EMU). Furthermore,we discuss how this end-
to-end testing approach of key business processes is also applicable to other regression testing as well as other major system integration projects.

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