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M. Dittenbach, W. Merkl, H. Berger:
"Free Speech for Tourists";
in: "Proceedings of the 13th Australasian Conference on Information Systems", herausgegeben von: A. Wenn, M. McGrath, F. Burstein; Australian Computer Society, Melbourne, Australia, 2002, ISBN: 1862726159, S. 1145 - 1154.

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In this paper we report on the application of a natural language search interface in the tourism domain for searching accomodation throughout Austria. We describe the analysis of readl-world queries obtained by a field test where our interface has been made publicly available through the largest Austrian web-based tourism platform Tiscover. This analysis shows how users formulate queries when they are not limited by search interfaces with structured forms consisting of check boxes, radio buttons and special-purpose text fields.

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