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W. Elmenreich, W. Haidinger, H. Kopetz, T. Losert, R. Obermaisser, M. Paulitsch, C. Trödhandl:
"Initial Demonstration of Smart Sensor Case Study";

English abstract:
It is the intention of this paper to describe the design of an autonomous mobile robot built at the Institut f¨ur Technische Informatik. The robot consists of a model car equipped with a smart transducer network containing the distributed control application. The car will be able to move autonomously around obstacles detected by the cars sensors. A major contribution of the work is the implementation of a demonstrator that shows the capabilities of the smart transducer interface. The smart sensor interface features three diŽerent interfaces, namely the "real-time service" (RS), "configuration and planning" (CP), and "diagnostic and management" (DM) interface. These smart sensor interfaces are able to cope with time-triggered messages as well as with non-time critical eventtriggered messages. Furthermore, the interface encapsulates the internals of the transducer nodes in order to reduce complexity and provide inter-operability at system level. This document is structured as follows: The first section gives an overview on the motivation of choosing the application of the demonstrator. Section two introduces the concepts and the related work on the subject. Section three describes the specification of the case study at the node level, the cluster level, and the level of control application. The last section concludes the major ideas of the demonstrator and gives an outlook to further work.

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