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M. Paulitsch:
"Fault-Tolerant External Clock Synchronization for Embedded Real-Time Systems";

English abstract:
Large embedded real-time control systems are organized in clusters of strongly interacting computing nodes. Synchronization of different cluster times or external synchronization to a reference time, supports meaningful exchange of time-related data between clusters.
This paper addresses fault-tolerant external clock synchronization of clusters that are already internally synchronized. By addressing systematic and stochastic errors of cluster times differently, the influence of systematic errors is eliminated and the quality of synchronization only depends on stochastic errors.

Since systematic errors of cluster times are at least an order of magnitude larger than stochastic errors for typical real-time embedded control systems, the presented algorithm achieves a significant improvement to known synchronization algorithms. An implementation of the proposed clock synchronization algorithm on top of the Time-Triggered Architecture and experiments show that tight external synchronization is achieved with accuracy values of less than 1 microsecond.

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