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W. Elmenreich, W. Haidinger, R. Kirner, T. Losert, R. Obermaisser, C. Trödhandl:
"TTP/A Smart Transducer Programming - A Beginner's Guide";

English abstract:
It is the purpose of this document to give an introduction to the development of local node applications on TTP/A smart transducer nodes.

The local node application is the part of the software that instruments the local sensors or actuators via the node's I/O ports. The local node application exchanges data with the protocol application running on the same node. The protocol application performs those tasks required for communicating in the distributed fieldbus network according to the rules specified in the protocol definition.

We will first introduce general protocol features and programming techniques and then explain the particular implementation details for application programming on Atmel-TTP/A nodes with processors from the Atmel microcontroller series.

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