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R. Baumgartner, M. Ceresna, G. Gottlob, M. Herzog, V. Zigo:
"Web Information Acquisition with Lixto Suite: A Demonstration";
Poster: 19th International Conference on Data Engineering, Bangalore, India; 2003-03-05 - 2003-03-08; in: "Proceedings 19th International Conference on Data Engineering", IEEE Computer Society, (2003), ISBN: 0-7803-7665-x; 747 - 749.

English abstract:
We demonstrate the Lixto Suite, a web data extraction and transformation software kit for retrieving and converting information for various sources to various customer devices. With the Lixto Suite, non-technical content managers can rapidly develop applications in the areea of M-Commerce, E-Commerce, content integration and corporate portals.

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