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J. Blieberger, U. Schmid:
"FCFS Scheduling in a Hard Real-Time Environment under Rush-Hour Conditions";
BIT Numerical Mathematics, 32 (1992), 3; 370 - 383.

English abstract:
We investigate some real-time behaviour
of a (discrete time) single server system with FCFS (first come first serve)
task scheduling under rush-hour conditions.
The main result deals with the probability
distribution of a random variable SRD(T), which describes the time the
system operates without violating a fixed task service time deadline T.

Relying on a simple general probability model, asymptotic formulae
concerning the mean and the variance of SRD(T) are determined;
for instance,
if the average arrival rate is larger than the departure rate,
the expectation of SRD(T) is proved to fulfill
E[SRD(T)] = c1 + O(T-3) for T to infinity,
where c1 denotes some constant.
If the arrival rate equals the departure rate, we find
E[SRD(T)] = c2 Ti for some i greater or equal 2.

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