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J. Blieberger, B. Burgstaller, B. Scholz:
"Interprocedural Symbolic Evaluation of Ada Programs with Aliases";
Talk: Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe, Santander, Spain; 1999-06-07 - 1999-06-11; in: "Lecture Notes in Computer Science - Ada-Europe Conf.", Springer-Verlag, 1622 (1999), ISBN: 3-540-66093-3; 136 - 145.

English abstract:
Symbolic Evaluation is a technique aimed at determining dynamic properties
of programs. We extend our intraprocedural data-flow framework
to support interprocedural symbolic evaluation. Our data-flow framework utilizes a novel
approach based on an array algebra to handle aliases induced by procedure
calls. It serves as
as a basis for static program analysis
(e.g. reaching definitions-, alias analysis, worst-case performance estimations, cache
analysis). Examples for reaching definitions- as well as alias analysis are presented.

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