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J. Blieberger, B. Burgstaller, B. Scholz:
"Symbolic Data Flow Analysis for Detecting Deadlocks in Ada Tasking Programs";
Talk: Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe, Potsdam, Germany; 2000-06-26 - 2000-06-30; in: "Lecture Notes in Computer Science - Ada-Europe Conf.", Springer-Verlag, 1845 (2000), ISBN: 3-540-67669-4; 225 - 237.

English abstract:
It is well accepted that designing and analyzing concurrent
software-components are tedious tasks. Assuring the quality
of such software requires formal methods, which can statically
detect deadlocks.
This paper presents a symbolic data flow analysis framework for
detecting deadlocks in Ada programs with tasks. The symbolic
data flow framework is based on symbolic evaluation - an advanced
technique to statically determine properties of programs.

The framework can guarantee the
deadlock-freeness for an arbitrary hardware environment.
Our approach differs from existing work in that tasks can be dynamically
created and completed in the program. Examples are used to illustrate our approach.

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