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G. Futschek, E. Hopfenwieser:
"Train to Program - A Metaphor for Learning Basic Concepts of Computer Programming";
in: "Proceedings of the 9th European Logo Conference", issued by: 9th European Logo Conference; CNOTINFOR, Coimbra, 2003, ISBN: 972-8336-16-0, 210 - 218.

English abstract:
We propose the learning environment "Train to Program"that helps pupils age 6 to 12 to understand basic concepts of computer programming. The metaphor used is a train with wagons that moves along a track. Train, wagons and tracks correspond to program, variables and program tracks. Even the concepts of method call and recursion can easily be understood using this metaphor. This metaphor is used since young children can easier learn by doing using visualization than by theoretical explanation. The whole system is implemented in Logo using Imagine and was tested by pupils and teachers.

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