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T. Eiter, W. Faber, N. Leone, G. Pfeifer:
"Computing Preferred Answer Sets by Meta-Interpretation in Answer Set Programming";
Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, 3 (2003), 4+5; 463 - 498.

English abstract:
Most recently, Answer Set Programming (ASP) has been attracting
interest as a new paradigm for problem solving. An important aspect,
for which several approaches have been presented, is the handling of
preferences between rules. In this paper, we consider the problem of
implementing preference handling approaches by means of
meta-interpreters in Answer Set Programming. In particular, we
consider the preferred answer set approaches by Brewka and Eiter, by
Delgrande, Schaub and Tompits, and by Wang, Zhou and Lin. We present
suitable meta-interpreters for these semantics using DLV, which is an
efficient engine for ASP. Moreover, we also present a
meta-interpreter for the weakly preferred answer set approach by
Brewka and Eiter, which uses the weak constraint feature of DLV as a
tool for expressing and solving an underlying optimization problem.
We also consider advanced meta-interpreters, which make use of
graph-based characterizations and often allow for more efficient
computations. Our approach shows the suitability of ASP in general
and of DLV in particular for fast prototyping. This can be fruitfully
exploited for experimenting with new languages and
knowledge-representation formalisms.

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