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T. Eiter, W. Faber, N. Leone, G. Pfeifer, A. Polleres:
"Answer Set Planning under Action Costs";
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 19 (2003), 25 - 71.

English abstract:
Recently, planning based on answer set programming has been proposed
as an approach towards realizing declarative planning systems. In
this paper, we present the language Kc, which extends the declarative
planning language K by action costs. Kc provides the notion of
admissible and optimal plans, which are plans whose overall action
costs are within a given limit resp. minimum over all plans (i.e.,
cheapest plans). As we demonstrate, this novel language allows for
expressing some nontrivial planning tasks in a declarative way.
Furthermore, it can be utilized for representing planning problems
under other optimality criteria, such as computing ``shortest" plans
(with the least number of steps), and refinement combinations of
cheapest and fastest plans. We study complexity aspects of the
language Kc and provide a transformation to logic programs, such that
planning problems are solved via answer set programming. Furthermore,
we report experimental results on selected problems. Our experience
is encouraging that answer set planning may be a valuable approach to
expressive planning systems in which intricate planning problems can
be naturally specified and solved.

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