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W. Steiner, W. Elmenreich:
"Automatic Recovery of the TTP/A Sensor/Actuator Network";
Talk: Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems, Vienna, Austria; 2003-06-27; in: "Proceedings of the First Workshop on Intelligent Solutíons in Embedded Systems", W. Elmenreich (ed.); (2003), 25 - 37.

English abstract:
Since sensor/actuator networks are to be used in error-prone environments it is required that media access protocols for such networks are tolerant to failures. Furthermore, field studies show that the probability of transient failures to occur is much higher then the probability for permanent failures. After transient failures, the system is in principle able to execute its algorithms correctly, however, the global system state may be unsynchronized. In this paper we discuss the automatic recovery of the TTP/A field-bus protocol if the slave nodes are forced to an arbitrary position in the TDMA scheme.

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