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P. Fenkam, H. Gall, M. Jazayeri:
"Constructing Deadlock Free Event-Based Applications: A Rely/Guarantee Approach.";
in: " In Proceedings of the 12th International FME Symposium (FME 2003)", Springer, 2003, ISBN: 3-540-40828-2, 636 - 657.

English abstract:
We have proposed a formal semantics for a programming
language that supports the announcement of events. Based on this
semantics, it is clear that event-based systems share some substantial
properties with parallel systems. In particular, announcing an event
results in the parallel execution of subscribers to this event with
the remainder of the announcing program. In this
paper, we show how usual concurrency concepts such as synchronization
mutual exclusion can be supported in the stepwise development of
event-based applications. The approach in this paper is based on
Jones's rely/guarantee method for the development of interfering
programs. We also show how deadlock free event-based applications can
be developed. Finally, the paper extends St{\o}len's technique of
handling auxiliary variables to support the development of more
complex event-based applications.

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