A. Rauber, E. Pampalk, W. Merkl:
"The SOM-enhanced JukeBox: Organization and Visualization of Music Collections based on Perceptual Models";
Journal of New Music Research, 32 (2003), 2; S. 193 - 210.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The availability of large music repositories calls for new ways of automatically organizing
and accessing them. While artist-based listings or title indexes may help in locating a specific
piece of music, a more intuitive, genre-based organization is required to allow users to browse
an archive and explore its contents. So far, however, these organizations following musical
styles have to be designed manually.

With the SOM-enhanced JukeBox (SOMeJB) we propose an approach to automatically create an
organization of music archives following their perceived sound similarity. More specifically,
characteristics of frequency spectra are extracted and transformed according to psychoacoustic
models. The resulting psychoacoustic Rhythm Patterns are further organized using the
Growing Hierarchical Self-Organizing Map, an unsupervised neural network. On top of this
advanced visualizations including Islands of Music (IoM) and Weather Charts offer an interface
for interactive exploration of large music repositories.

Keywords: Music Clustering, Rhythm Patterns, Self-Organizing Map (SOM), Interfaces

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