Contributions to Books:

J. Dorn, K. Fröschl, M. Hackl:
"Web-enabled Smart Service Business Infrastructures";
in: "Building the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications Case Studies", issued by: P. Cunningham, M. Cunningham and P. Fateling; IOS Press, Amsterdam, Niederlande, 2003, ISBN: 1586033794, 967 - 974.

English abstract:
The persuasiveeness and importance of the Internet and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to the growth of the global economy has never been greater. However, building a Knowledge Economy requires ever-greater transperency of public and private initiatives, whether commercial, legilative, political, social or technical in nature. It is important that issues related to the Digital Divide are constantly in the public eye, not just to inform policy but also to highlight relevant lessons learnt elsewhere, whether to avoid pitfalls or to provide a framework for replication of a successful implementation. Sharing such knowledge highlights that experienced problems or exploitation lessons learnt in one domain or location are often directly relevant or applicable in another. The issues, applications and case studies presented in this book, facilitate knowledge sharing relevant to everyone, irrespective of background, thematic or geographic focus. It can be used to benchmark regional and national developements, avoid pitfalls and previous mistakes, or identify potential partners and exploitation opportunities. Reflecting the breadth and depth of the ICT related research undertaken by the contributors, the contents are broken down into eight broad thematic areas. These are: Broadband and Mobility; e-business; e-governmen and e-democracy; Knowledge Management; Networked, Smart and Virtual Organisations; New Working Environments; SME Issues; and Training and Education. Papers within each thematic area are in turn grouped under the subheadings of Issues, Applications and Case Studies, reflecting their primary focus.

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