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H. Schweinzer, W. Kastner:
"Systems with Numerous Low-Cost Sensors: New Tasks and Demands for Fieldbusses";
Talk: IFAC International Conference on Fieldbus Systems and their Applications, Aveiro, Portugal; 2003-07-07 - 2003-07-08; in: "Proceedings 5th IFAC International Conference on Fieldbus Systems their Applications", (2003), 73 - 78.

English abstract:
New concepts in automation on the one hand, and advances in sensor technology by improved use of microelectronics and micro mechanics on the other hand, lead to the perspective of a strongly increased number of low-cost sensors for measuring numerous parameters of complex models. Transmission of sensor data and sensors positions are essential to combine their values to a global view of the controlled situation. Discussing charcateristics of such systems, some aspects are presented in this paper where communication needs extend the possibilities of present fieldbus concepts.

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