Contributions to Books:

H. Hauser, T. Theußl, E. Gröller:
"Access to surface properties up to order two for visualization algorithms";
in: "Geometric Modeling for Scientific Visualization", G. Brunnett, B. Hamann, H. Müller, L. Linsen (ed.); Springer, 2003, ISSN: 1612-3786, 107 - 122.

English abstract:
Elaborated visualization techniques which are based on surfaces often are independent from the origin of the surface data. Nevertheless, many of the previously presented visualization methods were developed for a specific type of surface, although principally applicable to generic surfaces. In this paper we discuss a model for a general access to surface properties up to order two, i.e., surface-point locations, normals, and curvature properties, (almost) regardless of the origin of the surface. Surface types and access algorithms are compared and summarized. At the end of this paper we shortly present an implementation of this model.

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