Contributions to Proceedings:

M. Hadwiger, T. Theußl, H. Hauser, E. Gröller:
"MIP-Mapping With Procedural and Texture-Based Magnification";
in: "Siggraph 2003: Sketches & Applications", ACM, 2003.

English abstract:
The exible programmability of current consumer graphics hardware at the pixel level allows using higher-order, e.g., cubic, convolution filters for magnification of texture maps as an alternative to the hardware-native linear interpolation that is most commonly used for this purpose. We show how higher-order magnification filters can be combined with MIP-mapping in order to enable their use for both texture minification and magnification. The filter kernel is adapted to the actual MIP-map level used for a given pixel on a per-pixel basis, which enables the use of arbitrary convolution filters for filtering MIP-mapped textures.

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