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D. Quinlan, M. Schordan, Q. Yi, B Supinski:
"A C++ Infrastructure for Automatic Introduction and Translation of OpenMP Directives";
Talk: International Workshop on OpenMP Applications and Tools (WOMPAT 2003), Toronto, Canada; 2003-06-26 - 2003-06-27; in: "OpenMP Shared Memory Parallel Programming", Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag, 2716 (2003), ISBN: 3-540-40435-x; 13 - 25.

English abstract:
In this paper we describe a C++ infrastructure for source-to-source translation. We demonstrate the translation of a serial program with high-level abstractions to a lower-level parallel program in two separate phases. In the first phase OpenMP directives are introduced, driven by the semantics of high-level abstractions. Then the OpenMP directives are translated to a C++ program that explicitly creates and manages parallelism according to the specified directives. Both phases are implemented using the same mechanisms in our infrastructure.

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