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G. Salzer, S Limet:
"Manipulating Tree Tuple Languages by Transforming Logic Programs";
Talk: FTP'2003, International Workshop on First-Order Theorem Proving, Valencia, Spain; 2003-06-12 - 2003-06-14; in: "First-Order Theorem Proving (FTP'03)", Elsevier Science Publishers, Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (2003), 15 pages.

English abstract:
We introduce inductive definitions over language expressions as a framework
for specifying tree tuple languages. Inductive definitions and their
sub-classes correspond naturally to classes of logic programs, and operations
on tree tuple languages correspond to the transformation of logic programs. We
present an algorithm based on unfolding and definition introduction that is
able to deal with several classes of tuple languages in a uniform way.
Termination proofs for clause classes translate directly to closure properties
of tuple languages, leading to new decidability and computability results for
the latter.

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