Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

F. Freund, R. Freund, M. Margenstern, M. Oswald:
"P systems with cutting/recombination rules assigned to membranes";
Talk: Workshop on Membrane Computing, Tarragona, Spain; 2003-07-17 - 2003-07-23; in: "Preproceedings of the Workshop on Membrane Computing", (2003), 241 - 251.

English abstract:
We introduce a new variant of splicing P systems, where the rules
are directly assigned to the membranes and not to the regions as this is
usually observed in the area of membrane systems. The strings involved in the
splicing operation are either taken from inside or from outside the membrane
and the strings resulting from the splicing operation also may go inside or
outside the membrane. Instead of the splicing operation, also the operations
of cutting and recombination are used as rules assigned to membranes. For the
application of rules leading from one configuration of the system to the
succeeding configuration we consider a sequential model and do not use the
model of maximal parallelism. We will show that for such sequential P systems
using splicing rules or cutting/recombination rules assigned to the skin
membrane we already obtain universal computational power with only one

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