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H. Kargl, G. Futschek, H. Kalinyaprak:
"Security Aspects in E-Learning for Prisoners";
in: "Dnevi Slovenske Informatike 2004", issued by: Slovenian Informatics Society; Slovensko drustvo Informatika, Ljubljana, 2004, (invited), ISBN: 961-6165-16-x, 31 - 36.

English abstract:
E-learning is a very efficient way to improve knowledge and skills that are necessary for re-entering the labour market. Especially former prisoners need employment to reduce the risk of repeated offending. In the German and Austrian EU-supported prrojects e-Lis and TELFI, strategies, concepts and technical infrastructure for e-learning with prisoners are developed. One of the main aspects of the technical part of the project is to guarantee the security of the e-learing system under the requirements of the special circumstances in prisons. We distinguish between two major system aspects: security of the network and security of the Learning Management System. We present a security risk analysis for these two aspects and show how to deal with these risks.

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