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J. Dorn, T. Sillhengst:
"Integrating Mobile Devices in Web Processes";
Talk: Fifth Global Information Technology Management World Conference, San Diego, California, USA (invited); 2004-06-13 - 2004-06-15; in: "Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Global Information Techology Management World Conference", (2004), 112 - 115.

English abstract:
We present a software prototype for the communication between a mobile phone and a web-based process manage-ment system (WPMS). The communication between both is based on web services. The business process (in ourexample a booking process in the tourism domain) is controlled by the WPMS. The WPMS calls web services to achieve certain functionalities. The prototype allows starting a process by asking for some service from the phone.We are also able to use the phone as a server. This is demonstrated by storing user profile data in the phone anddelivering this information to the web process if asked for by the WPMS and allowed by the phone’s owner.

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