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B. Rahbaran, M Függer, A. Steininger:
"Embedded Real-Time-Tracer --An Approach with IDE";
Talk: Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems, Austria, Graz; 2004-06-25; in: "Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems", (2004), ISBN: 3-902463-00-7; 25 - 35.

English abstract:
{Debugging software that runs on highly integrated System-on-Chip devices is complicated because conventional debug tools (like traditional In-Circuit Emulators and Logic Analyzers) cannot be used with embedded processor cores. To cope with this problem we provide two solutions, an IDE Embedded Real-Time-Tracer and offline Monitoring. We analyze the problem of sustaining the required data rate for interface
and storage media and elaborate the limitation of our approach. In an application example we show that the Real-Time-Tracer can have advantages even for debugging the results of fault injection experiments. Experimental fault-injection plays a key role in the process of
fault tolerance validation. Our Embedded Real-Time-Tracer captures a trace of the injected faults and stores it together with the reaction of the device under test in an ATA-hard-disk for later analysis.

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