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H. Eidenberger:
"Gigabit Ethernet-based Parallel Video Processing";
Talk: IEEE Multimedia Modelling Conference, Melbourne, Australien; 2005-01-12 - 2005-01-14; in: "IEEE Multimedia Modelling Conference", (2005).

English abstract:
This paper describes solutions for parallel video processing based on LAN-connected PC-like workstations. We outline application scenarios for the processing of video with broadcast TV resolution and promising areas for future research. Additionally, we describe a prototype system implemented in our workgroup. This Network-of-Workstations is based on Gigabit Ethernet, free Java software and standard network protocols. Video data is streamed to and from processing hosts using IP multicast and the Real-time Transfer Protocol. Control mechanisms are based on network file sharing. In comparison to related approaches, our system makes use of high-performance network hardware and open source software. In consequence, our system is easier to implement, cheaper and more flexible than, for example, highly integrated commercial solutions.

Video Processing, Parallel Processing, Multimedia

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