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H. Eidenberger, R. Divotkey:
"A Data Management Layer for Visual Information Retrieval";
Vortrag: ACM Multimedia Data Mining Workshop, Seattle, USA; 23.08.2004 - 26.08.2004; in: "ACM Multimedia Data Mining Workshop", (2004).

Kurzfassung englisch:
This case study describes the data management layer of the VizIR visual information retrieval project. VizIR is an open source framework of software tools for visual retrieval research. In content-based multimedia retrieval media objects are described by high-dimensional feature vectors. These feature vectors have to be stored in an efficient way in order to accelerate the retrieval process. VizIR database management is based on object-oriented persistence management. The database interface has a three tier architecture: a pattern-based persistence system hides the underlying database, an object-relational mapping system maps classes to entities and a relational database provides state-of-the-art database features (transactions, integrity, recovery, etc.). The described database management prototype can be downloaded from the VizIR project website.

VizIR, Content-based Visual Information Retrieval, Video Retrieval, Image Retrieval, Object-oriented Database Design, Database Management, Persistence Management, High-dimensional Indexing, Multimedia Databases

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