Contributions to Books:

W. Elmenreich, P. Peti:
"Distributed Sensor Fusion Networks";
in: "Intelligent Engineering Systems at the Service of Mankind", UBooks Verlag, Augsburg, Deutschland, 2003, ISBN: 3-935798-25-3, 335 - 347.

English abstract:
This paper introduces a framework for processing sensor
measurements with respect to their dependability. Each measurement
is represented as an observation, i.e. a compound of a name, a
measurement instant, the measured value, and a confidence marker
indicating the dependability of value and instant. Sensor
observations are processed by a network of fusion nodes in order
to produce data with higher confidence. The confidence of each
measurement is attached to the transmitted data by the confidence
marker. The sensor fusion algorithms use a probabilistic model for
sensor readings where the expected variance of a measurement
corresponds directly to its confidence.

The presented approach supports a modular system development,
because the fusion algorithms are implemented only with respect to
the interface specification and thus are independent of the actual
control application. Second, it is possible to extend existing
sensor applications with fusion tasks. Given that the necessary
timing constraints can be satisfied, the modified application will
show the same temporal behavior as the original application.

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