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R. Gallo, M. Delvai, W. Elmenreich, A. Steininger:
"Revision and Verification of an Enhanced UART";
Talk: IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems, Vienna, Austria; 2004-09-22 - 2004-09-24; in: "Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems", IEEE, (2004), ISBN: 0-7803-8734-1; 315 - 318.

English abstract:
This paper describes the design of an eUART (en-hanced Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Trans-mitter) that has been designed as an extension module for the SPEAR processor in order to interact with a TTP/A (Time-Triggered Protocol Class A) or LIN (Lo-cal Interconnect Network) network. The eUART is able to automatically synchronize its baud rate using a synchronization pattern from the message sender. Furthermore, to enhance the robustness of the commu-nication, the eUART module is equipped with a filter state-machine and provides 16fold oversampling. The interpretation of the samples can be configured in order to optimize towards fault detection or availabil-ity. The paper describes the capabilities and limits of this approach and shows the advantages of the eUART when used for real-time communication.

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