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K. Hendling, T. Losert, W. Huber, M. Jandl:
"Interference Minimizing Bandwidth Guaranteed On-Line Routing Algorithm for Traffic Engineering";
Talk: IEEE International Conference on Networks (2004, 12th ICON), Singapur; 2004-11-16 - 2004-11-19; in: "Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Networks (2004, 12th ICON) ", IEEE, Volume 2 (2004), ISBN: 0-7803-8783-x; 497 - 503.

English abstract:
is paper presents a fast and non-greedy interference minimizing routing algorithm (IMRA) for dynamic routing of bandwidth guaranteed LSPs (Label Switched Paths). The algorithm operates on-line by handling requests that arrive one by one without the need for a priori knowledge of traffic characteristics except the information on the ingress-egress pairs. Our proposed algorithm combines three criteria: minimization of interference, saving of residual link bandwidth, and optimal usage of network capacity. The most important feature is the fast path computation to achieve short response time, which is a crucial factor for on-line routing algorithms. IMRA’s complexity is low, consequently scalable for large networks and suitable for on-line routing. Experiments under dynamic (short-lived) LSP requests show better performance than existing non-greedy routing algorithms, while consuming lower computation effort.

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