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R. Kirner, P. Puschner, I. Wenzel:
"Measurement-Based Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis using Automatic Test-Data Generation";
Talk: Euromicro International Workshop on WCET Analysis, Catania, Italy; 2004-07-29; in: "Proceedings of the", (2004), ISSN: 1166-8687; 1 - 4.

English abstract:
Traditional worst-case execution time (WCET) analysis methods based on static program analysis require a precise timing model of a target processor. The construction of such a timing model is expensive and time consuming. In this paper we present a hybrid WCET analysis framework using runtime measurements together with static program analysis. The novel aspect of this framework is that it uses automatic generation of test data to derive the instruction timing of code sequences. Program paths are decomposed into subpaths to make execution-time analysis based on runtime measurements feasible.

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