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I. Smaili:
"Using Triggers to Find Significant Events during Monitoring of Real-Time Systems";
Talk: Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems, Graz; 2004-06-25; in: "Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems - WISES 2004", (2004), ISBN: 3902463007; 37 - 47.

English abstract:
ain prerequisite for the successful development of real-time systems is the capability for debugging and monitoring of these systems. The debugging of real-time systems is more complicated than the debugging of non real-time systems, because the origin of errors that can be detected in real-time systems can be found in both the value and time domain. For successful debugging of these systems, monitoring systems must be used. The aim of monitoring systems is collecting monitoring data that represent the run-time behavior of target systems at the intended abstraction level. The amount of monitoring data, especially during long-term monitoring, can be enormous. An alternative to storing enormous amount of monitoring data is the use of the real-time trigger system (RTTS) that stores data of interest selectively. RTTS records system operation of target real-time system (RTS) only in time windows of interest, around significant events. It does so by buffering and observation for significant events in real-time (RT). The paper describes the details of our RTTS and the method for defining and using of its trigger conditions.

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