Publications in Scientific Journals:

B. Huber, W. Elmenreich:
"Wireless Time-Triggered Real-Time Communication";
Telematik, 3-4 (2004), 44 - 50.

English abstract:
Due to the increasing demand for mobility in the area of distributed systems, the use of wireless communication gains in importance. We present a wireless real-time communication protocol for the interconnection of several possibly mobile fieldbus clusters. The protocol is based on the time-triggered paradigm. A single dedicated master node is used to keep the clocks of all slaves synchronized, thus establishing a global time among all communication participants. To enhance dependability, the clock synchronization algorithm is designed to tolerate certain transient fail-silent failures of the master as well as the communication channel, and permanent fail-silent behavior of up to int(n/2) communication links, where n describes the number of slaves in the system. The paper presents a case study implementation, that shows the usability of the introduced protocol with commercial off-the-shelf components.

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