Contributions to Proceedings:

M. Auer, B. Graser, S. Biffl:
"Visualizing Software Project Analogies to Support Cost Estimation";
in: "Proc. of 6th IEEE International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2004)", issued by: IEEE; IEEE, Los Alamitos, 2004, ISBN: 972-8865-00-7, 61 - 68.

English abstract:
Software cost estimation is a crucial task in software project portfolio decisions like start scheduling, resource allocation, or bidding. A variety of estimation methods have been proposed to support estimators. Especially the analogy-based approach based on a project's similarities with past projects has been reported as both effcient and relatively transparent.
However, its performance was typically measured automatically and the effect of human estimators' sanity checks was neglected. Thus, this paper proposes the visualization of high-dimensional software project portfolio data using multidimensional scaling (MDS). We (i) propose data preparation steps for an MDS visualization of software portfolio data, (ii) visualize several real-world industry project portfolio data sets and quantify the achieved approximation quality to assess the feasibility, and (iii) outline the expected benefts referring to the visualized portfolios' properties.
This approach offers several promising benefts by enhancing portfolio data understanding and by providing intuitive means for estimators to assess an estimate's plausibility.

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