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E. Armengaud, A. Steininger, M. Horauer, R. Pallierer:
"A Layer Model for the Systematic Test of Time-Triggered Automotive Communication Systems";
Talk: IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems, Vienna,Austria; 2004-09-22 - 2004-09-24; in: "IEEE Workshop on Factory Communication Systems (WFCS 04)", IEEE Catalog Number 04TH8777 (2004), ISBN: 0-7803-8734-1; 275 - 283.

English abstract:
This paper presents a layer model tailored for the test of distributed systems that rely on the time-triggered paradigm, such as the FlexRay protocol that is currently employed in the automotive industry. The presented layer model is applied for the generation of a fault model, aids in the inspection of fault propagation throughout the distributed system under consideration and is used for fault diagnosis of defective electronic control units. To that end, this systematic test and diagnosis approach will provide a solid basis for analyzing and verifying future by-wire systems with respect to their communication properties.

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Systematischer Test von eingebetteten Kommunikationssystemen im Auto

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