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A. Birbaumer, M. Tolar:
"Women's entry routes into ICT";
Talk: GIST - Gender Perspectives Increasing Diversity for Information Society Technology, Bremen; 2004-06-24 - 2004-06-26.

English abstract:
In our paper we focus on the situation of women working in ICT professions referring to empirical investigations in seven EU countries. Starting from the women’s entry routes into different kinds of ICT work, we report on how they describe and experience their work and careers. We also give an insight into working conditions for women in ICT companies. Finally we end up discussing recommendations of how to bridge the gender gap and improve equal opportunities in ICT professions that we have reached as conclusions of our empirical work.
The paper refers to results from the project WWW-ICT ("Widening Women’s Work in Information and Communication Technology") - a European project 2002-2004 funded under the Information Society Technologies Programme of the fifth Framework Programme of R&D.

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