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P. Votruba:
"Guideline Markup Tool - User Manual (Technical Report Asgaard-TR-2004-4)";

English abstract:
The Guideline Markup Tool (GMT) has been initially developed to support knowledge engineers in translating plain-text clinical guidelines (available as HTML files) to Asbru XML files by providing so-called "macros" each combining one or more Asbru elements together with their attributes. As a second main feature, it allows to establish and maintain connections (called links) between the original guideline and the Asbru representation. GMT 2.0 has been designed to additionally support any arbitrary XML language (in the context of the Protocure II project, this will especially be Asbru, 8HB and KIV-XML) and to permit links also between two XML files (or even between two HTML files). Besides these two main features, GMT 2.0 is now a full-featured XML editor (even with some special features, which no common XML editor provides).

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