Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

M. Jakesch:
"Vergleich von SOAP Kommunikationsplattformen";
Supervisor: F. Puntigam; Institut für Computersprachen, 2004.

English abstract:
The SOAP protocol has a platform independent message format. However, the best design is not useful if this independence is not implemented at all or not implemented correctly. There are certain criteria that limit the possibilities of SOAP. This thesis tries to compare SOAP implementations of Java and the .NET framework. Interoperability of SOAP implementations is therefore a big issue for this work. The success of the SOAP protocol can only be prolonged if there is a way to send data across different platforms and programming languages. But SOAP is not limited to sending only data. Because of the SOAP extensibility feature it is possible to add many additional functions that are not part of the SOAP recommendation. These SOAP features build another part of this thesis. In this thesis you will find a comparison of the features that are provided by each implementation. We will answer the question whether these features can be used across different SOAP platforms.

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