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A. Neumann, A. Artusi, G. Zotti, L. Neumann, W. Purgathofer:
"Interactive perception-based model for characterization of display device";
Talk: SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference, San Jose, USA; 2004-01-18 - 2004-01-22; in: "Color Imaging IX: Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications IX", Society of Photo Optical, (2004), ISBN: 0819451967; #.

English abstract:
This paper describes a simple to use, yet accurate way to obtain the Tone Reproduction Curve (TRC) of display devices without the use of a measurement device. Human vision is used to compare a series of dithered color patches against interactively changeable homogeneously colored display areas. Results comparing this method with spectrophotometer measurements are given for three monitors.

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