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P. Fenkam, M. Jazayeri, G. Reif:
"Towards Synchronization and Mutual Exclusion in Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Systems";
Talk: IEEE International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks, Florenz (invited); 2004-06-28 - 2004-07-28; in: "Supplement of the Proceedings of DSN-2004, The International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks", IEEE, (2004), 56 - 57.

English abstract:
Synchronization and mutual exclusion are two concepts necessary for the
construction of dependable distributed systems.
This has motivated the development of a multitude of algorithms
and implementations. In emerging concepts such as publish/subscribe,
synchronization and mutual exclusion remain open issues. We have recently
proposed a formal semantics to the await construct and shown how reasoning about applications
that use this concept
can be done. In this paper,
we review existing techniques and challenges in developing
algorithms and implementations
for synchronization and mutual exclusion in content-based publish/subscribe middleware.

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