Publications in Scientific Journals:

E. Weippl:
"Security in mobile multimedia";
Journal of Communication Engineering, 1 (2004), 1; 59 - 69.

English abstract:
Mobile devices have been used to store
and organize contact information and
schedules for quite a while. Recently, however,
with improved CPUs in mobile devices
multimedia applications became feasible
- also on mobile platforms. This
paper firstly addresses security aspects of
mobile communication networks (WLAN,
Bluetooth, Infrared, GSM/GPRS) and
mobile devices. Secondly we elaborate on
the security requirements (integrity, secrecy
and availability) and solutions to
protect multimedia content. Based on
these findings specific requirements and
implementation concepts for security of
mobile multimedia are finally presented.
The major contribution is the discussion
of restrictions that hardware and software
of mobile devices impose on established security
solutions for multimedia content.

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