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G. Jacucci, I. Wagner et al.:
"Exploring relationships between learning, artifacts, physical space, and computing.";
Talk: Proceedings of CADE 2004, Copenhagen; 2004-06-29 - 2004-07-01; in: "Computers in Art and Design Education", (2004), 1 pages.

English abstract:
Despite the interest in physical
interfaces, field studies directly informing
development and field trials of prototypes are rare.
Particularly rare are design projects that integrate the
space and existing artifacts as a resource. We report on
the development of an interactive learning
environment in support of students of archit ecture and
interaction design. Based on ethnographic fieldwork
we specified a set of qualities of the learning
environment, which guided the development of
physical interfaces (using tags, sensors, video tracking,
physical and digital infrastructures). To investigate
how students would integrate technologies in their
work settings we have organized field trials with open
prototypes. These showed the value and some means
of mixing evolving artifacts with digital media. In
interactive installations students used the space as a
stage to experience and explore aspects of places and

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