Scientific Reports:

I. Smaili:
"Monitoring and Debugging of Real-Time Systems : A Survey";

English abstract:
The objective of this paper is the presentation of the basic concepts for monitoring of real-time systems. It starts with presentation of real-time systems with special view on real-time data. Special attention will be paid to the notion temporal consistency of real-time data (because these data are observed and collected by monitoring systems), which consists of the absolute and relative consistency. Especially, the relative consistency is very important for monitoring systems, because during correlation of collected monitoring data, these systems must be certain that these data are relative consistent. Otherwise, the gathered monitoring information would not correctly represent the behavior of the monitored system at the intended abstraction level. Another goal of this paper is the presentation of a survey of the real-time monitoring research area. The goal of the last section of this paper will be the case studies, in which different monitoring systems are presented, including the monitoring approaches used for monitoring of time-triggered systems that are based on the time triggered architecture.

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