Scientific Reports:

K. Steinhammer:
"A TT-Ethernet Switch based on COTS-Components";

English abstract:
Ethernet is one of the most popular LAN medium in our days. Due to mass production, the price of ethernet hardware is, compared to other network technologies, at a very low level. This and other facts, like maturation and compatibility among the available components, make ethernet a desirable transport mechanism in the field of real-time data processing. Unfortunately there are a few characteristics, which prevent the unproblematic use of ethernet to transport real-time data. One disadvantage is the nondeterministic delay of data transmission. This prevents one to establish a global time base, needed in time-triggered real-time systems. This paper describes the design and implementation of an ethernet switch built out of commercial-off-the-shelf components, which can be used to transport real-time data in a predictable way.

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