Scientific Reports:

S. Pitzek:
"Semantic Meta Information for Improving Comprehension of a Smart Transducer Interface";

English abstract:
Embedded systems are becoming more and more complex and difficult to understand and have several properties that distinguish them from conventional distributed systems. The Linking Interface Model proposes an interface model that takes many of these problems into account, by highlighting the importance of temporal properties, semantic (meta-)information, and the requirement for reducing the complexity and cognitive load of distributed systems. In this text we will examine several of the ideas proposed by the LIF in closer detail. We examine notions of understanding and system comprehensibility and look at how semantic information, as a means that is largely independent of any particular system, can be used for improving these factors. In addition we look at existing approaches for the representation of semantic information and related interface description mechanisms. Finally we examine how the CORBA smart transducer interface, fulfills the identified properties and discuss how it can can be enhanced further.

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